Wednesday, February 1, 2023

February 2023 News

Happy February.


Copy editor Lee Burton has completed his first pass and returned his notes, the marked up document, and a style sheet (which is really exciting to me for some reason). 

I'm loving his work. The idea that the grammar in my book can be consistent from beginning to end is ... it's too alien a concept for me to even imagine. 

Can I share some of his words with you? They're very flattering. He said,

"As I related, I quite enjoyed the piece, and said I’d try to make a point to illustrate in what ways I enjoyed the piece. But even now I find myself falling short in being able to do that at a functional level, because, frankly, the book works, and all its elements are tied together in such a way that everything complements each other. It’s difficult to point to one thing and say I liked this, as everything is part of a unique, competent whole. You have a diverse range of characters, all with their own interesting motivations and character arcs. You have an interweaving plot that never gets dull or lingers. You have an intricate backstory for the world that contributes to the present. You have an intriguing promise of a future that draws the reader through the story. Obviously, a lot of work has gone into your worldbuilding, and in such a way that it’s apparent that each element is not separate from itself but interrelates and connects with the other elements of the story—ie: the story is not happening against a still, placid, incidental backdrop, it’s taking place in a natural, living, breathing ecosystem with an interesting political past, present, and future unfolding for the characters within it. The world works. The book works. I think it is a good book, and I was glad to be reading it and working on it."

I think I'm putting that on the spine of the book. Trust me, there's room.


We had a canoe rental this week. If my records are accurate, (they are. In fact, they're immaculate) this is a first for January. *cue celebration*

We're looking into expanding onto Lake Russell but not exactly as we do in Hartwell. Russell doesn't have residential docks, so delivery isn't as feasible. That said, something is in the works and I'll tell you more as it's confirmed. Just know that I'm stoked.

The Kingdom of Zeal

I recently cleaned it up a bit. Clipped the old dead or dying leaves from the plants. Replaced the 'mechanical filter' (sponge). Cleaned the pump tank and got them all working nicely. While doing that I had to turn off the water flow, and when I did that I observed several fresh water snails living in the creek bed. I'd not noticed them before, but they seem to be doing well.

I need a better close-up camera

Zeal doesn't experience rapid change, at least during the winter, so I won't drop a pile of pics here. But follow me on Instagram if you want to see some recents. I just made a post last Friday.

Next Month

Hopefully there's more to say on the interview podcast I mentioned in passing last month. I want to get that cracking. The goal or theme of the podcast is clarifying in my mind, gradually. I think I want to focus on work, occupations, fulfillment, and the lack thereof.