Tuesday, February 1, 2022

February 2022 News

So many things are new! Let's stick to the interesting bits. But first, look at these stats. Read it and weep, you illiterates. 

cherishing this before NYT gets their claws on it and spackles it in ads


I'm making progress! Added backstory for Kraus the Corpse. Cleaned up some [name withheld] and made him less obnoxious, more fun. Added some geography, Sprake lore, foreshadowing. 

There's still work to be done, and that's before I even get going with the copy-editor. 

Frankly, I'm kinda over this do it yourself sh*t and we're not even to the fun part yet. I'm almost willing to forfeit rights to my own IP just to pitch to a trad publisher and let the tedium be their f*cking problem. This takes for f*cking ever and I'm tired of doing it all.


My firstborne, who is a math major, has created a functioning Schala engine in Minecraft. Next step for him is to add another variable, thereby exponentially increasing complexity (and the potential for chaos), then doing it again. Meanwhile, the next step for me is to get acquainted with SQL. I need objects. Piles of them, all defined and interacting. 

I'm sorry I explain so little about what we're doing. I know ideas are cheap and they require elbow grease and brain juice to matter, but this one's just too ripe to risk it by spillin the beans.

Have you ever had an idea for an innovation that seemed so freaking obvious, it made no sense for it to not exist yet? Have you ever had such an idea, then found yourself on the stroking sideline as someone else invented/created/developed it and it was blisteringly successful?

If you have, particularly if you've experienced this more than once, you'll understand why I'm so tight-lipped about Schala. She's revolutionary. I understand how little this means to you, my dear reader. I understand how "head in the clouds" and perhaps even narcissistic I sound. All I can say is, watch and see.
If someone creates Schala before I manage to, I won't be surprised. And if they do, I doubt I'll be able to improve on it. (sorta how Google improved Ask Jeeves. Facebook improved MySpace. Spotify allegedly improved the musical suggestions of Pandora)
I believe to achieve Schala's second iteration you'd need a deeper background in neural nets, biology, and machine learning than I have.

Snow in the South?!

I live in Georgia USA, as some of you know. We don't get much snow here so we flip out when it actually sticks. By day 3 it has overstayed its welcome and needs to go back to yankee land.
Anyway, here's pics

Snowin it. Yes that's a skunk hat

Attempted snowman. Who knew they got so heavy?

Front yard. There's a driveway there somewhere

I was trying to catch a snowflake in detail

* So sparkly *

Kitty trails!

Deer trails

Rabbit trails

Mucho trails in the woods


Haven't made much progress on the Kingdom of Zeal in the last month. The next steps include puzzling things together using spray foam, silicon, and glue, and this freezing temperature doesn't welcome such activities. 

Next Month

By crikey, we're going camping and caving next weekend. The weekend after that Something Once Sacred has a show at the brewery downtown (which might be my favorite place to play). Maybe I'll get some pictures of some of those activities. Will I be done with dev edits? Time'll tell.

see you then