Monday, November 1, 2021

November 2021 News

Hi there, hello. This one snuck up on me. Quick update:

Editing V&V 

Last month I mentioned making a plan to fix a broken character. I'd said "There are only five scenes from his point of view. Here's hoping it comes naturally."

It did come naturally, and he became more lovable and unfortunately characters are starting to like him...

That's nearing completion. 

Pics from my phone

What? This a new thing or something?

Yeah. I take a lot of pics and they just sit on my phone. Time to share some!

Aren't there apps for that? Like FB or Twidder or IG? Or all that kid stuff like ... the yellow one or the dance one.

Yeah but fck them. FB and IG are data-whoring, ad-loaded leeches, run by uncanny valley pseudo-human Marcc Zuccergerbil: the 1994 Ford Escort of androids. He can eat an electric dick. Also my original content on Twid gets zero feedback.

Normal people just post it there anyway and look sad and pathetic. You're supposed to add a mountain of hashtags, each with the expectation of drawing more attention to your tediously mundane content.

Yeah but I like taking sad and pathetic to a whole nother level, for example having a blog in the year 2021. Plus these monthly updates get more clicks if there are pics. #sad #pathetic #morepicsmoreclicks

Last kayak rental of the season? Twas a good first year for LHKRAD.

New paddleboard mount in garage.
Donavon doing differential equations for Schala.

Magical looking morning web.

Gargantuan Joro spider.

Fam and friends closing out an art exhibit featuring
memorials for the late, great Jason Tasi.

My buddy Brandon's new pup. It's smoll.
I think the brand is chirgel.. or corghuahua.. or something like that.

Next Month

Probably editing still, but here's hoping the apocalypse interrupts that. Imagine the pictures if so!

see you then,