Wednesday, September 1, 2021

September 2021 News

What's better, to watch and mark the relentless passage of time or to turn a blind eye and pretend it sits still? 

For the first all you need is a monthly newsletter requirement. That could be enough to unnerve you and bolster self-loathing. It does me. 
If you need something stronger, get a weekly calendar to keep up with and warn of key events. These help to pretend our weeks are unique and that time matters. Watch in horror as week after week rolls by and your goals go unmet. 
If those fail to grind your spirit to dust and you're needing something really hardcore then get a grandfather clock or loud pocket watch. Maintain a silent environment so you don't miss a single deafening tick. This way you're forever aware of exactly how much of your life is irreversibly slipping by without you adding a thing to it. 

Ignoring the passage of time seems better for sanity, but that's hard to achieve while also making the most of each moment and learning from mistakes. There must be a compromise. 

This seems dark. Maybe I shouldn't draft these news updates on a Monday. Then again, maybe Mondays won't always be a scourge. Anyway


good lord, you're not done yet?

No. I'm working on it. Not as quickly as I'd like but that's the nature of a world where being alive costs money and money is the reward for sacrificing time. One day being alive will cost less money, and money will be awarded for investing time. For that goal I aspire. This is why I edit.

Next Month

Wait, that's it? 

Yeah. I have to change the flavor of these now and then or else they all run together. 

Until next month, stay alive.