Tuesday, June 1, 2021

June 2021 News

 Hi there hello. This one snuck up on me.


I'm still editing. Certain scenes have to be rewritten and it's just weird going back to writing mode after all this time editing and nitpicking. Blank-slate mode as it were, for some of these scenes. I don't always feel like what I'm producing is improving on what I already wrote and tweaked. That's the tough part. Once that insecurity creeps in it attacks your motivation. 

I'd love to share some more of the artwork Felix has produced for the cover, but let's save that until we're closer to drop date. 


3 yaks in the cove

Wife and I are opening a kayak business around Lake Hartwell. I'd give you more insight on that but I waited too late to start this news post and now I'm out of time. Don't worry, we're early in the process. By this time next month it will be in full swing. 

Next Month

By Jon Bon Jovi it would be nice if this round of edits are done. Hopes are high and expectations are nonexistent. 

See you then