Thursday, April 1, 2021

April 2021 News

 I'm so glad it's warming up. I prefer being outside. None of that was an April fools joke.


Last month I forecasted that I'd be in edits right now and here I am. I also mentioned the high praise my editor gave the book in his general notes / reaction. It's a good thing he complimented the book. Not for my ego, but for what came next. The edits. 

I've worked with an editor before and with beta readers. Now and then they'll utterly miss a point I thought I nailed. That kinda scuffs but it's expected. V&V's editor, on the other hand... left me feeling like a punching bag. I need someone to tell me I'm pretty or something. He hated one of my central characters. Hated him, and didn't miss an opportunity to say so. He had zero reservations calling this character annoying, selfish, a bloody idiot, you name it. I'll spare you the details but I had to Google "tosser" in the process of determining how to unf*ck this character. 

If he'd not complimented the book as he did, I'd have decided this character, their thread, and the book in general were utter codswallop and I might have thrown it all on a funeral pyre. But even while wallowing in the soul-crushing rejection brought on by accurate criticism, I am well aware that this is the very best feedback I can ask for and worth every penny I paid. 

My work is cut out for me. Simpler stuff will be quick. "You use too many exclamation points." "Don't rely on 'go' so much." Easy. Ctrl + F and nuke those bastards.

On the other hand "He is basically unlikable. This is a problem." will have deeper roots to excavate. I wanted a distinct character arc before our little buddy turns heroic. I may have nailed the "pre-heroic" part too well. 

There is a silver lining. If he had such nice things to say despite that he abhorred a significant character, how much more compelling can this book become? I hope to find out. 


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