Monday, February 1, 2021

February 2021 News

I'm murdering my Facebook Author page. Facebook only shares posts of that sort of pages if you pay them money and frankly, no thanks Mark. Follow my regular Facebook page if you must, or Twitter, or sign up to this very blog for email updates. I bet that's a thing this blog can do. Maybe. Unsure.


Last month I mentioned the editor I'd corresponded with. We've moved forward. I'm paying him in pounds and he's paying me in attention to my manuscript. He estimated some 5 weeks initial turn-around for 100k words so if my calculator is a calculator then I should hear back from him within eleven weeks. April 19th at the latest. 

I don't want to drop any spoilers, but I gotta tell ya his initial feedback. While reading through my first chapter he said "I like your writing". Can you believe that!? Ah. Anyway

While he keeps me on the edge of my seat by failing to email me every 30 seconds, I'm plotting out the next story in the series. The finale. I've got 38 mandatory events/scenes/chapters listed out. Honestly I could probably start writing it right now. Half of these details will change in the process because at some point the characters are going to look at the path I set before them, pull a RatM and tell me "F** you I won't do what ya tell me", then go their own way like Fleetwood. Are you supposed to wait until the previous entry in a series is published or at least edited before starting the next? Surely not. This is only a first draft anyway. It'll all be burned and rewritten multiple times. 

Next Month

If we're honest (and I am sometimes) I'll probably reach out to my editor and ask how it's going. Not to rush, just to get feedback. The fact is, he's been at it for 3 weeks and has yet to email me saying "I refuse to be associated with, or even proceed to lay eyes on this asinine drivel. Burn this document and the computer you used to write it." Maybe he won't say that. Maybe he's so enrapt with this story that to his mind I've become something of a deity and he's afraid to reach out to me lest he call down my fury and earn himself a cursed bloodline. That isn't likely. I think individuals with debilitating psychosis active imaginations shouldn't be left to their own devices like this. 

If I do reach out and he updates me, I'll let you know.

til then