Wednesday, December 2, 2020

December 2020 News

 I'm not sure how but this 1st really snuck up on me. Oh, it's the 2nd. Maybe because of all the chaos in the world right now? Anyway,


So here's an update. As you know, I've written the monk story and the barbarian story (leaving only the conclusive war story) and had every intention of releasing them both at once, giving the reader the chance and unique experience to read them in either order. What a fantastically outlandish concept! Among readers there would be a 'Team Ausgan' and a 'Team Fohrvylda' by the time WAR dropped and one would wear chitin plate armor and sing songs of lightning and shun metal and the other would earn battle names and slam beer and sing of the Heathen Tide! Then they'd all fight to the death! I don't know what side I'd choose!!

But in reality

When a reader finishes one of the books and is left curious about the fate of Basalt Kale or Irdessa the Undying, they'd be snubbed to learn that they now have to read another story (however brilliant) about entirely separate characters before continuing their tale. Therefore, I'm thinking of smooshing V & V together to make V&V. It'll be 250,000 words and be book 1 of 2. 

When's it drop?


I'll see you then.