Wednesday, September 2, 2020

September 2020 News

Fall is coming and I couldn't be happier. My season-preferences shift sometimes. There are phases. Usually summer is my favorite. Right now I'm hellafied sick of hot hot muggy rainy garbage. I'm ready for it to chill out and dry off. There are several outside projects in stasis around my house that I just can't find the energy for. You have to chug a litre of water to make up for the sweat lost by just opening the front door. Sick of it I tell ya. 


Quick rundown on the state of V&V:

Ausgan - Complete at ~120,000 words. Edited (only by me so far). Currently in the hands of beta readers. 95% ready to pitch to a publisher.

Fohrvylda - Complete at  ~154,000 words. Editing now (on scene 10 of 31).

Redemier - (book 3) Mostly outlined, with certain scenes drafted. A collection of about 30,000 words at the moment.

Looking forward to

Getting these books out of my lap. There's more work to do once they're finished, and yes I still need to write book 3, but I'm just going to feel better about life when they're done. I look forward to getting at her majesty Schala. You remember her. The dyn env sim eng.

I'll see you next month.