Saturday, August 1, 2020

August 2020 News

Edits are going smoothly for Ausgan. Not the quickest but they're moving so I can't complain. Last month the word count of editing notes was around 13,750. Through consideration and application of changes, that's down to around 8,000. 
It's weird to edit two books before submitting either one, but the nature of the story is such that I have to. It's this or splice the two books into one and I'm not even leaning toward that, however much the idea lingers as a possibility. It will take some convincing beta readers for that idea to gain traction. Until then I'm staying unconventional: Release the first two books simultaneously then release the finale within the year. You can read the first two in either order.

I mentioned the zipline last month. It's near completion but the steep angle of descent has demanded that I either A. Grade the entire front yard or B. Construct a braking system. I'm working on brakes. 

I'm not playing much these days, despite Steam sales tempting me at every corner. Sometimes I feel like I'm chasing some fleeting emotion that certain games have given me at certain points in my life. Rather than taking that endeavor as a consequence of age or priority or mark it as hopeless, I will resort to making said game when the opportunity presents itself. 

I discovered Marc Rebillet and have listened to a ridiculous amount of his streams. On the surface, he's a fairly plain looking fellow who makes beats and songs on the fly then freestyles and sings over them. Trademarks of his include wild gyration, near-nakedness, and profuse swearing. While those factors are entertaining, they're not what keep me enrapt.
He has mastered looping to create music, and can devise pseudo-environments on the spot (not limited to "crowded restaurant"). He can carry a tune like Marvin Gaye and shred on the organ like his balls are on fire. He inspires me to get back into music making. Discipline (and a glaring lack of satisfactory instruments/VSTs) keeps me from falling down that rabbit hole just yet. I have books to finish and Schala to build.

On that, I've made some headway without really trying. While I'm talking to myself outside in the dark, I sometimes inquire about this project, to prepare for someone eventually inquiring about this project. This proves to be a good method of polishing the pitch. And if you can figure out how to accurately sum up a complicated project in a matter of words then you can reverse engineer it. Ask broad questions. Answer them. Ask more detailed questions. Answer them. Break the dream into bits. 


The Shadow Saint, Gareth Hanrahan 
I'm garbage at reviews but here goes. I give this book 5/5 stars. The most unique feature of this and the Gutter Prayer is the setting - the city of Guerdon. It's dripping with personality and lore. The beasts and beings and gods are a close second as far as appeal, and they spawn directly from the setting itself. All of the creatures-Stonemen, Tallowmen, Ghouls, Saints, Vigilants, Alchemists, Gods, etc-are well thought out, frightening, and powerful. I recommend.

Next Month
Will see me finished with book edits? Maybe. 

see you then