Monday, June 1, 2020

June 2020 News

Happy Summer time to you North Hemispherians. 

This will be less captivating than USA's news at this moment which includes, but is not limited to, public executions, riots, commercial space flight, and a pandemic. But if you're into gritty, character-focused fairy tales set in fantasy settings and flavored with despair and black humor, then you may be interested to know...

[let me interrupt myself to say, thank the wizard Felix Ortiz for the following concept images. I hired him for cover design and could not be happier with the results.]

Ausgan, the story of Basalt Kale's rise from Consonant monk into utter nihilist, is finished at ~115,000 words (about the size of HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban). I've sent it off to beta readers. 2020 release? Unlikely.

Next steps-
*Edit Fohrvylda, the story of Irdessa the Undying, who finds her own strength and uses it against her oppressors.

These edits will be smoother than Ausgan's for a couple reasons. 
1. I wrote Fohrvylda after Ausgan and was technically a more experienced writer (for whatever that's worth). 
2. I've developed a pretty solid editing routine that removes the need for creativity, thereby reducing the process to a grind. This is easier for me. No inspiration or even focus necessary, just time. 
On the other hand, it may take a little longer because Fohrvylda is 1.5 times the length of Ausgan (~160,000 words, or about the size of the Two Towers).

*Apply feedback from beta readers to Ausgan. This is assuming there is feedback and that it trickles back to me in a timely manner. If so, I'll examine said feedback, weigh its worth, then edit accordingly. 

*Reach out to publishers. I have a hybrid publishing model planned for this release. There are some jobs I've taken care of and some I need outsourced. More details on this to come.

Further off in the future- 
Once professional edits are underway for books 1&2, I'll draft book three. Let's call it Redemier for now. I'd LOVE for that draft to be near completion before books 1&2 drop but that's whatever. I'd also like if it releases within a year of books 1&2. Again, we'll see. 

Next writing project-
Jesus, calm down.

Next nonwriting project-
Small: Music compiliation video. "Three Hours of Chill Video Game Music to Read my Book to" is the title'nt.