Friday, May 1, 2020

May 2020 News

Happy May

I hope you're healthy and fortunate.


I'm touching up the final two scenes in Ausgan, which is book 1 or 2 of V&V. After these, edits will commence on Fohrvylda, which is book 2 or 1. May go ahead and reach out to the hybrid publisher I've been stalking. That is not a process I look forward to.
After that,

Smoll Project

Next project is a video to put on YouTube. It's a compilation of a bunch of zen-tasting video game music. There are about 50 songs I've laid out (~ 3 hours) it's just a matter of assembling them, adding some graphics (screenshots or title cards) and uploading. Video making isn't going to be a habit, I just wanna duet.
If this is a bizarre notion to you, check out the channel of my great friend Fruddle, who doesn't know I exist. Obviously a prerequisite is a general appreciation of chill instrumental music. Here's one of Fruddle's vids snatched at random - Relaxing Video Game Music (Vol. 6)
Listen and chill.

Big Project 

incoherent scribblings
Project Schala. I hate to get sidetracked from my existing work but I hate more to ignore inspiration's call, and by the gods that call is upon me. I'm chiseling at this nonstop already.
I mentioned Schala will be a dynamic environment simulator engine, but didn't really explain what that means. Probably not going to until there's proof of concept. The word "relational" deserves a place in that word cluster.
This may eventually require the help of a professional mathematician, biologist, ecologist, evolutionist, philosopher, and programmer to do it justice.


What have I read, watched, played, etc? It honestly all runs together. Nothing stood out. I blame the lockdown we're all under, but I also blame said lockdown for my staggering levels of productivity these days. Us the fam crush projects while the sun shines (mostly outdoors) then melt into furniture and vegetate.

That said, everything's progressing. I hope it is for you, too. If it isn't, I hope you can endure until it is.

May all your setbacks result in opportunities.