Monday, March 2, 2020

March 2020 News

I'm getting more comfortable with the possibility of not reviving I was never too uncomfortable with that possibility, so this doesn't fare well for the site and my 5+ years worth of news posts and reviews of games, movies, music. It had sorta become just another thing to keep up with. Kind of like my Facebook Author page vs my Facebook Not Author page. I want to murder one of those. Two seems useless. Maybe that will be a side quest of mine this month. Probably not.

Also, I've noticed a trend. If the 1st is on a weekend, then you're getting the News on the 2nd or 3rd. Maintenance such as this is for weekdays, my goodman.

I'm on scene 28 of 31. Feels like climbing a vertical wall with no rope. I thought I was stuck on 25. Now I'm TURBO stuck. Actually... looking at my previous posts, I was stuck on 25 for at least three weeks. That's not the case with 28. I feel kinda better now. This is one of those scenes where the villain goes Muah ha ha and breaks down his vile plan right before the hero stops him. Except the hero isn't stopping him.

EDIT: Scratch all that. I finished scene 28. Powered through and now I'm happy again. Set optimism to fleeting.


Have I ever told you about Hollow Knight? No? This is up there with Bloodborne and Last of Us as one of my favorite games to come out in the last ten or twenty years. I'm playing through it a second time after setting it down for about a year. It is exactly as good as before. Maybe even better, since the dexterity already exists and less grinding is required to git gud. But Traitor Mantis is spanking me like a step child...

ALSO HOLY CRAB I JUST GOT A NOTIFICATION: Final Fantasy VII Remake demo dropped this morning! Downloading today. Playing tonight.


BLACKWING by Ed McDonald
I'd heard so many good things about this book, and it did not disappoint. Galharrow is a gritty, jaded mercenary-type and his voice is hilariously sarcastic and cutting. Very fun to read. The world and the magic systems are awesome. For me the pacing sorta shook a little toward the end. Still, highly recommended.

Another gritty, jaded hero! This book scratched an itch I wasn't aware of. Engineer-fantasy is what I'd label this and it comes with piles of sarcasm and a good supply of  the 'nuts and bolts' of fortress siege and siege defense. I recommend.

Next Month
I'm not even going to pretend I'll be done editing this book. I'll never be done!

See you then



  1. I had a Facebook page for my first self-published book. Because of the title, Facebook users in India have periodically stumbled across it, and sometimes think "liking" it means something more than that. So that's been pretty amusing over the years. Facebook like to remind me that the page exists, but it really doesn't.

    1. This is hilarious!
      It does feel like I've taken on a stray dog and now I have to feed it at the very least. Make sure there's water in the bowl.


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