Thursday, February 7, 2019

Research Record - February 2019

Time for one of these beauties. Strap in because it's a long one! And thick!!

David. Are these research records simultaneously a resuscitation attempt for this desolation that your blog has become and also a means of procrastinating versus writing Turesia?

Yes. Wait, No. Wait, what was the question? Hey look a bird!

~      ~    ~  ~  ~    ~      ~

I had to wade through a lot of shite to narrow this list down to the pertinent and sensational (the two most common words used to describe Research Record). My Google activity is all muddied since I've been DIY finishing building a house and bogged down in the IT work that pays me and also raising a little red one.
You're freaking welcome.

Looks like with the death of G+ or Google + or whatever it's called my blog might be affected. Maybe if I came here more often than twice every billion years I'd be more concerned. Not to disrespect my loyal audience. The 1.5 of you frequenters (and that's on a BUSY week) mean the whole world to me, which is why I'm here now. But I'm just more active elsewhere online lately. (and by elsewhere I mean nowhere)

Google Searches of Note

Pay an influencer to promote your novel
What can I say? I binged both Hulu and Netflix's documentaries on the Fyre Festival. And if there's one thing that shitshow did right, it was the initial advertising.

Final Fantasy concept art
Yoshitaka Amano is brilliant and I want his art hung all over my house.
Final Fantasy VI art - Yoshitaka Amano

Caribbean Monk Seal
Because I have to rename my Orcanes. :( The monk seal shows up if you google wolf seal. Those names lack the punch I'm after.

Size difference between Ancalagon the Black and Smaug
"ankal3gon" has been a screen name of mine for some time. Not long ago I got in an Ancalagon versus Smaug conversation. You know, like ya do. Well let me tell ya! *huh huh huh huh* It didn't go so well for the Smaug enthusiast!!!!!!!!!
*pushes glasses up nose while catching stray saliva dribbling down chin and wonders what getting laid is like*

Is RAM hot-swappable?
Heh heh heh. Of course it is.

Urban jungle located in Taipei, Taiwan
I. am. obsessed. I get inspired by every shot I see of this locale and the now defunct,
Kowloon Walled City
Look up pictures of these places. Get familiar if you find yourself intrigued. They are amazing and unbelievable.
Taipei, Taiwan. Credit to photographer Andreas Mass.

panoramic of Kowloon Walled City
(or "inspiration for every over-crowded dystopian city ever")

"There is nothing new under the sun"
Is a line from my favorite book in the Bible, Ecclesiastes. Quite a nihilistic book, if you ask me. That search led me to Pseudepigrapha (down under Wikipedia)

It's Hawaiian for damaged.
[story time] After reading Kings of Paradise by Richard Nell I realized I had to rename Kale. "Ino" is one of the options... and it's sorta sticking. Interestingly, it means wild boar in Japanese. Kale (Ino) fights one of those in my story. Well, not exactly a wild boar, more like a daeodon.
*also considered Borecole and Arugula for alt names. Neither fit.

How much does the avg poop weigh?
During my first adventure with magnesium citrate (shit-right) I weighed myself before and after the big event. That's as much of that as probably ever needs to be uttered anywhere.

What's worth watching on Showtime?
spoiler: nuffin.


Krampus - Not sure why I gave this ol' boy my attention recently. Probably had to do with Christmas. Or Binding of Isaac. Or some pithy quip on Facebuk.

Baritsu (or Bartitsu) - A 'Bruce Lee fighting style' search ended up here. Essentially if you're wearing a coat and have a cane and a mustache, this fighting style is for you.

Pseudepigrapha - "Deutorocanonical works produced 300BC-300AD, perhaps attributed to authors falsely" or something like that. Included in this classification is the Book of Enoch (Enoch = Noah's grandpa) which has lots of interesting things to say about angels falling from heaven and demons and giants.

The format of these posts doesn't exactly lend itself to being tidily concluded, rather the end.


  1. Great reading. Thanks for checking in.

  2. Lol, still fascinating. Can we say stream of consciousness? ;)

    1. Hi Mark
      Sometimes I excel at approaching things from the viewpoint of someone besides myself. Writing "Research Record" is not among those times.
      I must admit, I am the target audience of these pieces and I find it interesting to read through older ones. I try my utmost to make these bearable to my guests, and so I'm glad fascination occurred. :D

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