Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Research Record - May 2018

Oh, hey David. Another of these...

Rite? Been a while, has'nit?

Not really. In fact, some might say it hasn't been long enough.

Well they can just go straight to hell! Part of today's haul is writing related (yes, for V&V / Turesia ). Part's not. Here we go!


Liquid chocolate spill in Poland - This is a real thing. Equal parts tragic and delicious.

Anunnaki - A friend of mine told me about this. It's alien stuff. That's as far as I've dug.

What is sausage skin made of?
I only ask because Kraus has to thoughtfully chew some, like a cow chewing its cud. Turns out it's mostly intestine.

Kingdom Death
Crazy expensive, nsfw, table-top RPG that I'd love to get into if I could solve the problems of money and time.

Pamplemousse - It means grapefruit but is way funner to say.

Toxic Razor Clams - These are real!

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
This park shares a likeness with my vision for the Towers, north of Fohrvylda. Difference is, at the feet of the Towers isn't land, but the Faithless Sea. Look at it!

Image courtesy of this blog

Amazing restaurant in Anderson, SC. I had bangers and mash (and a couple of Irish brews) and it was delicious. Why are sausage links called bangers? I mean, I know why I'd call'em that, but I'm a couthless delinquent who snickers when people fart.

Robin Wright
I'm looking for a face for a character named Surah. Robin is not quite the fit. Surah is tough, mute, and a little younger. Images of Robin reveal her not only as a person with something to say, but willing to break your damn jaw if you talk back. I will write her into a book one day.

Research for monstahs!

If laughter is the best medicine jokes
I was looking for an original take on this phrase. I think I cut it in the end. It's been done to death.

Difference between male and female
Lemme just poke the ant bed for a moment.
There is mucho combat in this story that is oblivious to gender and although it's one thing to ignore gender differences between combatants, it's a different thing entirely to ignore weight differences and physics.

друг - Is Russian for friend and pronounced "droog."
What's interesting to me about this is that I'm writing a character who is sorta inspired by two crazy-ass friends of mine, both who've passed away. One's Droop (actual name Jason) and the other is Craig. If you combine their names, you might just get Droog...


Pretty quiet on the Wiki front this go-round.

Wulingyuan - I got here searching for Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.


See ya next time. Stay learnin'