Monday, July 9, 2018

Help Judge SNES Music !

It's no surprise to anyone who's got a brain inside their face that I love video game music of all shapes and sizes, from 4-bit Gameboy tunes to orchestrated symphonies. I listen to it almost exclusively, when I write or am working or walking around or lying around or farting around or pretty much doing anything around.


I come from a land (down undah) near to Athens Ga: the birth place of a band called Bit Brigade.

image courtesy of the
Bit Brigade = 4 rockers + 1 gamer. The gamer speed runs NES classics (Ninja Gaiden, Mega Man 2, Castlevania, Legend of Zelda, Ducktales, Metroid?, etc) and the rockers rock the game's soundtrack at full blast, full speed. It is a unique show that I urge you to experience at least thrice. If you've ever dreamed of chanting "F*ck Dr. Wily!" in a tipsy hoard, this is your chance.


I ran into Jace, one of the guitarists, the other day in Athens at a DIP / Froggy Fresh show and he told me of a project he and some friends have going on. 
That brings us to here and now and (you guessed it) my point.

This is a website where two Super Nintendo songs are chosen at random (and I do mean random) and placed before thee. Thou listen to them and determine which of the two is superior, judging by whatever means you prefer. 

The end result of this project will be a huge mountain of unified feedback that one could reference to objectively deduce the BEST SUPER NINTENDO SONGS OF ALL TIME!!!

Here comes the alter call, for you 'vangelicals. If this sounds like your bag, y'oughta:

1. visit this site -
2. create yourself a profile
3. get to dueling!! Feed big bro some data and halp the wurld!

If'n you choose ta do it, lemme know in the comments so I can say Hay thanks! and give you a special surprise of nothing


Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Research Record - May 2018

Oh, hey David. Another of these...

Rite? Been a while, has'nit?

Not really. In fact, some might say it hasn't been long enough.

Well they can just go straight to hell! Part of today's haul is writing related (yes, for V&V / Turesia ). Part's not. Here we go!


Liquid chocolate spill in Poland - This is a real thing. Equal parts tragic and delicious.

Anunnaki - A friend of mine told me about this. It's alien stuff. That's as far as I've dug.

What is sausage skin made of?
I only ask because Kraus has to thoughtfully chew some, like a cow chewing its cud. Turns out it's mostly intestine.

Kingdom Death
Crazy expensive, nsfw, table-top RPG that I'd love to get into if I could solve the problems of money and time.

Pamplemousse - It means grapefruit but is way funner to say.

Toxic Razor Clams - These are real!

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
This park shares a likeness with my vision for the Towers, north of Fohrvylda. Difference is, at the feet of the Towers isn't land, but the Faithless Sea. Look at it!

Image courtesy of this blog

Amazing restaurant in Anderson, SC. I had bangers and mash (and a couple of Irish brews) and it was delicious. Why are sausage links called bangers? I mean, I know why I'd call'em that, but I'm a couthless delinquent who snickers when people fart.

Robin Wright
I'm looking for a face for a character named Surah. Robin is not quite the fit. Surah is tough, mute, and a little younger. Images of Robin reveal her not only as a person with something to say, but willing to break your damn jaw if you talk back. I will write her into a book one day.

Research for monstahs!

If laughter is the best medicine jokes
I was looking for an original take on this phrase. I think I cut it in the end. It's been done to death.

Difference between male and female
Lemme just poke the ant bed for a moment.
There is mucho combat in this story that is oblivious to gender and although it's one thing to ignore gender differences between combatants, it's a different thing entirely to ignore weight differences and physics.

друг - Is Russian for friend and pronounced "droog."
What's interesting to me about this is that I'm writing a character who is sorta inspired by two crazy-ass friends of mine, both who've passed away. One's Droop (actual name Jason) and the other is Craig. If you combine their names, you might just get Droog...


Pretty quiet on the Wiki front this go-round.

Wulingyuan - I got here searching for Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.


See ya next time. Stay learnin'

Friday, February 16, 2018

Research Record - from Octo 2017

If for no other reason than one day fifty years from now I'll be curious (despite being long dead, along with the internet and written language), allow me to present, for my viewing pleasure...

another research record.

Eesh, stop cheering so loudly. I can barely hear myself think.

''` ~ `''

[this is actually from October. Seems I hit Save rather than Publish. Let's remedy that RIGHT now, shall weh?]

Story in Progress:


Google Searches of note:

Sweet. 44 search results total and none in English. Claimed!

It technically means reduce BY one tenth, but the common acceptable use, and my preferred use is to reduce TO one tenth. If only there were an actual word for this...

Sounds fiery. It's not.

Only 2,110 results. Kind of high for me to hijack it. Maybe I'll change the spelling.

Bryce Dallas Howard
One time I found an image of her that perfectly embodied Syvea from Turesia. Her expression and pose painted a picture of frail innocence in a bloody, callous world.

What's a bloodstone?
I was curious

There are several pictures of Rihanna online that represent Magister Obsydia frighteningly well. Her eyes and mouth have no trouble projecting an emotion of lofty royalty. She appears as comfortable as she is commanding, and all with more than a little skin exposed. Did I mention she's hot.

What does a magpie sound like?
Because I was curious.

Are sharks in Irma?

Waterfall to the ocean
I needed imagery

Map of medieval Scandinavia
I needed more imagery

Does lettuce make you poop?

Define sanguine
Bloody, but less likely to be mistaken for a British "darn"

What fish did vikings eat?
Lots of better ways to learn this probably. But it worked.

Wikipedia Searches of note:

This can work for the story, but I've never liked the word itself...

I guess I could just say tuna and everyone would know what I was talking about

Looks gross and seems really complicated to prepare

Fourth Dimension
Gotta brush up on this sort of subject now and then

Sod House
Because that's what most of the homes in Fohrvylda are

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Research for a simulation I'd like to build one day

Ground sloth
Research for monstahs!

Research for monstahs!

Research for monstahs!

Quantum Computing
Another subject I need refreshers on now and then

List of Demons in Ars Goetia
Research for monstahs?

Research for monstahs!

I've always been fascinated in the sorts of a screaming plants that flourish in the blood, shit, and semen crusted soil beneath the gallows.

Research for monstahs!


See ya next time