Friday, November 4, 2016


I really tried not to go political, I swear! There's no "advice" on whom to vote for here. Only advice on how to decide.

This is to everyone who is registered to vote but not sure if they will and/or undecided on who to vote for. Trust me, I was right beside ya. Here are two resources that helped me out. Both claim to be, and appear to be, unbiased. 

Survey Monkey - Who's winning the election?
This is a map of the USA, with demographics on where votes and anticipated votes are coming from, updated every day. On the left you can 'Select Map' to see how different groups are voting. Will this help you decide? Maybe. Maybe not. But it's interesting to compare certain groups. Huge disparities exist between the following -

White, No College vs White, Some College
Men vs Women
Married Women vs Unmarried Women

2016 Election Quiz
This is a no-drama, policy-centric look at where the candidates stand. You can go through answering questions and see what your favored candidate (or rival) stands for, or you can answer the questions for yourself and let it tell you which candidate you most closely align with (click "surprise me" to make sure you're answering without being swayed by the sliders on the right).

That's all I got! Vote for whomever, for whatever reason! Or don't! That's your right!


PS. If you know of other unbiased resources that might help people decide, let me know in the comments and I will edit this post!


  1. I think I did the 2016 Election Quiz ProCon thing (or something very much like it) twice, once during the primaries and again after the nominees had been selected.

    1. It seemed pretty enlightening. I like that it wasn't cluttered with irrelevant media detritus.

  2. People used to complain about seeing final poll results on election day before all of them were closed. Now we see results weeks ahead. I still think that's wrong.
    Unbiased is really hard to find these days.
    Apparently, so is a decent candidate.

    1. I definitely agree with those last two lines.
      I wrote a name in. Will that person win? No. But maybe in the future the powers that be will hear our cry and consider the possibility of giving us more options than only two.
      Unfortunately, I'm not sure Voting is a language they speak. Money is.

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