Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Writing Resources - Brandon Sanderson's Creative Writing Class, 2016.

Every week Goodreads shoots me an email--borderline spam--with blog posts of authors I follow.
It's typically GRRM talking about sports or his theater. A Stephen King blog post, written by someone besides Stephen King himself because he's too GD special to communicate w us directly. Pat Rothfuss complaining that older literature doesn't comply with modern PC agendas. Brandon Sanderson on how many new books he released this week (Eighty. He released eighty books this week). Joe Abercrombie talking about how awesome he is. Hugh Howey with his head in the clouds. Etc. etc.
I'm keeding, I love you guys!

Today one of Brandon Sanderson's posts was a link to a playlist of Youtube videos of his 2016 creative writing class, at Brigham Young University, deep in the heart of Utah.


There are four videos as of today and, as I understand, one is added to the playlist weekly. Each is about an hour long and they are freaking full of great advice! Watch just one and you'll realize you have an entire Creative Writing class worth of lectures from a highly successful author available to you for free!

Why am I shouting about it? Because these videos are facking brilliant!!!

This isn't the first time his classes have been recorded and posted online. Four years and seventeen days ago I wrote a post about Brandon Sanderson's writing classes. (Here's that post) I watched every video, despite that they were lower quality and you couldn't always hear the dialogue. I took extensive notes and applied them to my writing.

Brandon's words were focused, energetic, and inspiring, and the same holds true for this batch of videos!

If you are serious about writing, you'd be a fool not to take free advice from a successful author and experienced teacher! You're getting for free what students are paying out the ass to hear, I might add.

Regardless of where you are in your career as a writer, I bet you'll learn something.

That is all.

Happy Wednesday.