Thursday, May 19, 2016

STREAMING FOR CHARITY this Saturday, starts at 12pm EST!

(tl;dr: Scroll to the bottom of this post for links to the event! Or check out the event's page on

:::UPDATE, 5/24 - We raised $240! Thanks to all you visiters and chatters and donators!:::

You into video games?

What about live streams?
*Oh hack yah!*

What about SIDS?

Um. Let's start over.

This Saturday I'm live streaming a 100% playthrough of one of my favorite video games of all time.
1992 Enix
My friend Drew is joining me and his Twitch channel, Legendary Fail Games, is hosting it. We're playing to rally up some donations for, through my baby girl Evie's memorial page.

Donations will go directly to the CJ Foundation for SIDS. We won't get a dime of it. You can post donations directly to the charity literally whenever, or to Drew's channel during the stream.

WAIT WAIT, WHAT WHAT? I'm pretty stupid. What is happening exactly? 

This Saturday, starting at 12 pm EST and lasting until... late, I'm sure, YOU can go to Twitch or Legendary Fail, where you'll find me playing through a video game that released 24 years ago on the Super Nintendo.
It'll be kind of like watching TV, except it's live, it's nothing you'd normally watch, and you can login and chat with me and Drew in real time. In fact, we encourage that.

There will be links for you to follow (I'm also listing them at the bottom of this post) and donate your hard-earned money to the CJ Foundation for SIDS. Here's a link to their financial statement for 2014, in case you're wondering how they spend donations.
The majority of the cash flow goes toward Family Support. In other words, the next time a parent is riding in an ambulance to the emergency room to hear from expensive professionals that their baby is truly gone, maybe your donation will make the accompanying medical bills less of a kick in the nuts.

Hold on. You're raising money for a charity... by playing a video game?

Short answer - Yes.

Long answer - I'm raising money for this charity by doing whatever the hell I can. Check the link. We've got a good head start already.

Streaming game footage for charity is not a new concept. That's why Mark Svetik made this website to begin with. That's how Markiplier raised $80k for Depression and Bipolar Support Aliance. That's how Awesome Games Done Quick has raised over $6m to this date.

I don't think I'm special or I deserve your attention.
But if one person donates one dollar on Saturday, that's a win.

Ok jeez. Get defensive, why don't you.

I'm sorry. Still a touchy subject. Probably always will be.
If you log on during the stream on Saturday, and come chat with me and Drew, I'll answer any questions you have. Literally any questions, with no repercussions. I mean, I exercise my right to give stupid questions stupids answers. But you can ask me about my experience with SIDS, self-publishing fiction, amateur music composition, gamer stuff, wishful game-designer stuff, whatever.

I think I got it. Wrap it up with some useful links for me to click.

Here they are, all in blue so as not to enrage you!

Evie's Memorial Page (Again, donations to this site ALL go to and you can donate to this at any time, before, during, or after the stream)
Legendary Fail Games' official Twitch channel
Legendary Fail Games' website
Event page on
Legendary Fail's Twitter
My Twitter
My Facebook

If you ARE into Let's Play videos... I am, too.
Check out my Youtube channel!

See you Saturday