Sunday, April 12, 2015

Art by Tasi Volume 1: Living Dreams

Allow me to introduce Jason Tasi's debut art collection, Art by Tasi Volume 1: Living Dreams!

This is a collection of 60+ illustrations and paintings, but only represents a fraction of the artwork Tasi has created throughout his life.
He is responsible for all the artistic content  - the cover art, the border designs, and obviously all the illustrations and paintings. I handled the technical aspects - spacing, placement, format, text editing, and the actual publishing.

I introduced Jason on the blog in November of last year and talked about us collaborating on several projects this year. I freakin told you this was going down. If you haven't seen it yet, go check it out.

My take on this collection
Tasi didn't ask me to write a synopsis or review of his book. He didn't give me any words to say on it. I'm terrible at promoting, or I'd do better at selling my own stuff. How about I just be honest?

One word synopsis - Variety

The strength of this collection is its variety.

There are high-contrast, thick-outline, crisp illustrations in the style of comic books or graphic novels. Some of Tasi's chief inspiration is comic book art, as evidenced by his collection of comics and memorabilia at his house, in his car, around his shop.

There are conceptual illustrations, with detailed, unique designs. These are more of a tattoo-art style. Given Tasi's years of experience tattooing, this only makes sense.

But my favorite are the ink and watercolor images. These are natural, organic, and they all show off Tasi's signature style.

The book is available online (visit its home at Sky Island Publishing!) or for sale by Mr. Jason Tasi himself, if you are in the area or if you see him at a conference.

If you want to follow Tasi's doings or see more of his art check out his profile at the following sites!

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