Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gonna slip you a quick one...

...and hope no one ends up bearing child.

A map of the relevant part of Tiasa is included with some of the Kickstarter prizes. And obviously it's included in the book. Here's a quick video of the process of drawing said map.

Music credit goes to the guys and gals who composed the Suikoden Tierkreis soundtrack.

Voice credit goes to the one typing this now (Yay, a riddle!).

In the video I mention that (canonically) Brandal might be who drew this map... But if that were true, there'd be spoilers and a lot more detail. Berdes has no record of any cartographer exploring the Unwithering Woods. Plus, a lot of the details in the map are in an overview type of style... As if drawn by someone up high... maybe even on an island in the sky.

It's settled. The map came from Suvinor. Which is "lofty as a stork's arse," as Vodnik would explain.


  1. Those are not the brushes you're looking for...
    And I know - the voice is you! Yeah, I'm sharp.

    1. Hahahaha you totally got the reference I was going for (and butchered!)

      You are correct. The prize is yours!
      *fumbles about in pocket for a quarter to give Alex*

  2. Since the prize is already gone, I will just say that when it comes to fantasy I rather like maps.

    This is related (and not). I just started watching George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones series. At the beginning of every show they run a map gamut. I really like that because it gives context to where everyone with regard to everyone else.

    When I am reading a book that has quite a few places mentioned that are fantasy, I will often go back and refer to the map. So, I say Yes to maps.

    1. I love that sequence on Game of Thrones!
      I totally love maps. One wall in my office is dedicated to all the fantasy maps I've ever found or torn from magazines or books.
      I do the same thing with books involving maps... that's the biggest drawback to ebooks as far as I'm concerned. I want to be able to turn back and study the map at any point. It's kind of difficult to discern anything in details on an Iphone...

  3. Hand-drawn maps rock! I don't envy you though, having to draw each individual tree! I'm a sucker for speculative cartography :)

    1. Dude, I'm actually loving the process. Not to say I'd love doing it more than once... But I feel like I'm drawing a world into life

      Here's to speculative cartography!!


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