Saturday, November 9, 2013

Kickstarter 2013 - Meet the Artist!

Hey folks.

I can't describe how stoked I am about this. I've been holding back introducing him and I honestly don't know why. I guess maybe because it seems too good to be true.

So here's the skinny - In middle school my art teacher's name was Mr. Bennett. Yes, he has a first name. No, I'm not telling. Just know it's a good one. So I saw him on Facebook and I friended him (because that's a verb). Anyone who teaches art is a cool mofo as far as I'm concerned. Plus, unlike a lot of Fabo, he has real stuff to say.

One day, while procrastinating on the ol' Farcebark, I see a post by Mr. Bennett on a piece of fantasy art. I follow the art to the artist, Tracy Flynn. And I dig his stuff. Because it's awesome. So I says to him, I says, "Maybe one day I proposition you for fantasy art." And he says, "Do it."

At the time I didn't have a plan, only free-floating desires... obscured by time... too murky to make out in any clear detail. But, as some of you know, recently my plan solidified... Like the tip of some great, sunken ship, rising to clarity from clouds of shimmering algae as the cinder block at my ankle drags me toward my inevitable destiny. Which is - self publish, do a Kickstarter.

Why David, wtf are you trying to say?

I thought you'd never ask.

Tracy Flynn has agreed to come on board as the illustrator for my (as yet, title-less) novel. He's agreed to sketch 20+ illustrations, one per chapter. This will be funded by the Kickstarter that I plan to launch in the next sixteen days. And if the Kickstarter fails, all is not lost. This train is moving too quickly to be stopped.

I'd like to give you a sample tasting... just the tip for now.

Darke, stalking an elk
When I gave Tracy the manuscript to consider taking the job, he said he was motivated to sketch from page one. I can think of no greater compliment, no clearer sign.

Darke's horse Flurry. Named after a winter storm.
Vedorant Goblins... You can tell by the smell. At least they aren't Redcaps.
Tahkaan picked an ill-advised moment to man-up. What's to keep that grindbear from clacking him to ribbons?

Vodnik ferrying the group over the Trevet river. What a miserable place to get seasick...

And my personal favorite thus far... As if validation was still necessary.

The fishman squatted on one of the taller rocks, busying himself with a stone dowel and a carved wooden bowl. Green sprouts jiggled on the bowl’s edge, as if somehow it still held life.

You can see why I'm stoked. What Tracy's pictures add to this story is beyond measure. Despite that most of these are still in their caterpillar stage, they've already taken me back to when I was a kid, mesmerized by artwork of other worlds. Only now it's my world. And it's coming alive.

Thank you for stopping by and having a look. Go to Tracy's art page on Facebook. It is a diamond in the rough, indeed.

Love you guys. Can't wait to share this with you.


  1. Wow. These are fabulous; they have the vibe of an Alan Lee illustration because of how organic they feel. Thank you for showing the transition from #6 to #7. It seems like a lot of fantasy art is purely digital (especially cover art.) And normally, I am not a fan of novels with pictures (you know ... the old "Be a novel or be a graphic novel [or as Neil Gaiman would say ... a comic book],don't mix 'em up) but I love my boxed set of The Lord of the Rings with the Alan Lee illustrations.

    Good for you, David ... I think you've hit pay dirt with Mr. Flynn, and these illustrations have created, for me, even more interest in reading of the world of Silexare.

    1. Thank you very much, R.T.
      I love that Tracy is old school... Sketches and pencils and ink and paint.
      You're right, and I know some people are opposed to the idea of art within the novel... particularly big time publishers, which are no longer a concern of mine ;)
      I can see how "limiting" one's personal depiction of a character or event to a single artist's take on the subject can possible stifle the experience for some. To those folks I say, just don't look at the pics. :)
      I think Angus McBride was my first favorite fantasy artist... Did a lot with Tolkein's material way way back.

  2. Those sketches are very impressive. When do you plan on starting the Kickstarter campaign? Congratulations on taking the next step for your book!

    1. Thanks, Alex. Hopefully in the next two weeks. I just need to iron out details on expenses and produce the single greatest promotional video to ever grace Kickstarter... No pressure. :(

  3. Congratulations!!! It is so exciting when someone you admire reads your work and "gets" your vision. In this case, Tracy got it so well that he is excited about the idea of bringing these characters to *visual* life. So happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you!!
      Each time Tracy shows me more artwork my grin stretches so wide I'm afraid it will decapitate me!
      Tracy digs it and so does the editor I "auditioned". These two facts have made me bullet-proof!

  4. Outstanding!!!

    You know what a sucker I am for amazing art, and Tracy is so damn talented. Happy for you, man!

    1. Thanks, Jay!
      I thought you might dig it. The art for Dragonfly Warrior is awesome!

      He is good, isn't he?

  5. Whoa! Excellent news, and very cool artwork! Just those little snippets of images-in-development make me interested and curious about the underlying story.

    I also love the old-school pencil-meets-the-paper creation process. To me it says a lot about the talent of the artist. I love technology, but the process of creating something by hand is so organic and somehow seems more "real" to me.

    Great news!

    (...and I finally a chance to check out several more of your CoundCloud tunes. I really love the way you layer and mix your sounds. Even though it's clearly synth, there's a definite organic feel to everything you do. A big part of that is the strength of melody you have. Great work! I still have several more tunes to go, but I've really enjoyed everything I've heard so far!)

    1. I love that process, too. I'm not going to say one's superior to the other, digital rendering vs. pencil and paper, but I can relate to the old school process more. Just letting a pencil wander, or an idea while writing, or a tune while composing..

      I'm glad you're digging my music. I've never really tried hard to promote it. I put it online largely so that I could listen to it... Beyond that, I wasn't sure it really had a use. Musical tastes are very subjective

  6. Very cool:) This is where all the different types of art start to come together (i.e. cover art, writing, etc.). Neat!

    1. Very true, Mark!
      In the Kickstarter, I'm throwing in some music, too!

  7. That is amazing. It inspires me and it isn't even about my story. It is always so cool to see our ideas in different mediums.

    1. I agree! Tracy is full of awesome and I'd not experienced it before... I doodle, but not on the scale of Tracy or you! I've never really practiced at sketching.. .not since being bored senseless in high school, that is!

  8. David,
    Your efforts are all coming together--the book, the artwork and your plan to share your creativity with the world. I'm looking forward to following the adventures in Silexare. This is only the beginning of many successful literary accomplishments!
    Carol Stanley, Director of Library Services, Athens Technical College, GA

    1. Thanks Carol! You'll get your check for this endorsement. :)
      But seriously, thanks for coming by. Your enthusiasm is encouraging


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