Friday, April 26, 2013

April 26 - W


Too Many!! Let's just do a flyby shall we?

Special Mentions: 
Warcraft - Collect resources, scout the borders, expand and conquer.  I love this kind of game... but as I've mentioned earlier in April, I prefer to play it casually, not competitively
Wario Land - The Gameboy followup to Super Mario Land.  These were fun to play
Warriors of Might and Magic - The only thing I remember about this game is that it had a song I loved.  I have searched for the song ever since playing the game but can't find it :(
Who Framed Roger Rabbit - This was a fun and yet frustrating game from way way back
Wild Arms - I only played the first in this franchise.  It was great and has a great soundtrack
Wing Commander - This 3D space shooter had great cutscenes for its time and was just fun to play
Wolfenstein 3D - One of my first experiences with first person shooters!
Wizards and Warriors - I list this because I hated it so much.  Frustrating game play all about jumping on unlikely ledges, horrible art, a laughable main character, unattractive stats listed across the screen... Blech.
World of Warcraft - I bought this game, played it for a couple of days, and turned it off.  Some people aren't so lucky.


Weezer - This was my favorite band in the late nineties...  at least for one album.  The blue album released in 1994 was my favorite album of the time and I would sing along with - and try to play on guitar - every song on the CD.  For some reason, that was the first and last album of theirs I really cared for. 

Special Mentions: White Snake, White Zombie, The Who, Walk off the Earth


  1. Wheezer is lighter than my normal fare but they have some catchy tunes. Like Zombie, although prefer his earlier music. Thunderkiss 65 was great.

  2. Wheezer...haven't heard or don't care for the Green Album? Or Hurley?

    The White Stripes!

    1. I didn't care for those albums as much. They had a few good songs, but the blue album was (for me) perfect.

      The White Stripes never stood out to me... But I did just discover that they were a two person band! Crazy

    2. I like the White Stripes, with favorites like Feel in Love with a Girl and Seven Nation Army. It was a shame when they disbanded.

      P.S: Wolf-3D was one of my first FPSs too. :D

    3. Seven nation army might be the only song I know of by them....

  3. I loved the Wheezer video featuring the Muppets!

    1. "Keep Fishin'"
      Wow, I'd never seen that! (Googled weezer + muppets to find)

  4. Oh Warcraft how I hate/love thee. I remember playign Warcraft 2 on playstation. I was late coming into WoW did start until Burning crusade came out. I played it so much though and quit and came back and quit, ad nauseum. Still had some good times. Man the more I hear about your world the more interested I'm becoming, although I guess that was the purpose, lol.

    1. I bypassed WoW and played LOTRO for a little while. It was free and I love the world of it... But eventually it all becomes the same missions..
      I'm glad I'm piquing interest for you! That was a big part of my devious plan!

  5. Gotta love Weezer. I still crack out the Blue album (and occasionally Pinkerton).

    1. Pinkerton was the second best in my opinion.


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