Thursday, April 18, 2013

April 18 - P

Ok, there are simply TOO many games and bands to only feature one so instead, I'm briefly mentioning several!
Paper Mario - Surprisungly fun 2.5-D side-scrolling adventure
Populous - My first "sim" game, where you are a god, creating and altering the earth for your peons
Parasite Eve - A creepy, atmospheric mixture of Final Fantasy and Resident Evil
Professor Layton - My son loves these games.  All about puzzles, and absolutely addictive
Pitfall - The original (Atari) game is a frustrating mofo!
Pokemon - I'm only listing this to apologize to the fans for not having more to say about such a huge franchise!  My son loves these, too
Portal - Brilliant action / puzzler! Who can deny the sarcastic GLaDOS?
Primal Rage - Select your dinosaur and fight to the ...extinction?
Prince of Persia - The latest ones pose an interesting question: What would you  do (and who would you punch in the face) if you could backup time 15 seconds immediately after?
Peggle - Got this for my wife for her DS as an entry to video games.  She loved it! Then forgot it.

(Placing a link to a favorite tune of mine for each band)
Paramore - Love Hayley's voice.  They had a song on Guitar Hero and though I don't love the game, I love rocking out the song.
Pearl Jam - A huge influence of mine.  Eddy Vedder has one of the best rock voices in my opinion.
Pixies - They aren't so well known but I was infatuated with this band for a while.  For those of you who don't know, the song that played on Fight Club when the skyscrapers collapsed in the background was by the Pixies.
Presidents of the United States of America - Awesome band.  I love all their songs.  It was rumored that the guitarist played a 3-string guitar and the bassist played a 2-string bass... I haven't confirmed this either.
Puddle of Mud - We play a couple of these guys tunes.  I'm not the biggest fan of his nostril-heavy voice but they have some great songs.  When I first saw this video it kind of tore me up... Guess I could relate.  Dammit. Still gets to me.
Project 86 - I saw them at Cornerstone in Illinois.  To this day, they're one of my favorite bands.
Prodigy - I'M THE FIRE STARTAH!!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Arrgh!! Alex, again I forget a great! I saw Shinedown once and the singer and guitarist played "Simple Man" as tribute to Dimebag Darrel... Twas quite epic

  2. Polipoly is beautiful. Did you do the drawing?

    1. Thank you! I did draw her. I used Kate Beckinsale as a reference.

  3. I used to have like this uber crush for Hayley Williams. I wonder what happened. LOL. And Blurry is one of my all-time favorite rock songs. No kidding. Paper Mario is probably my favorite Nintendo 64 game. It's between that and Mario Kart 64.

    1. I can totally understand your crush, bro. Mario Kart 64 was great indeed

  4. Wow I almost forgot about Parasite Eve, that was actually a really fun game.

  5. Oh man, "Firestarter" is pure adrenaline. I had forgotten about that awesome song. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Dark and unforgivable acts are always fun to read!

    Where're the Pogues? Did they fall from grace again?

    1. Dark and unforgivable and in the Lord's name... it's quite nefarious.
      The Poques eh? I'm googling them now. I hadn't heard of them or the genre Celtic punk!

  7. Portal is one of my all-time favourite games. I love GLaDOS :)

    Allison (Geek Banter)

    1. You actually brought the game back to mind when you mentioned GLaDOS on G day!
      Great game


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