Wednesday, February 20, 2013

TS: First Draft - 60%

Just want to talk for a minute.
Cause I miss ya.

I'll talk about the method of writing I'm using for Turesia Split.

First Draft.
This is where I write story only. No effort into prose, description, dialogue, emotion, theme, pacing, names, ANYTHING else!  If any of those things accidentally happen, good. Otherwise, they're later draft material.  I write notes as I go on things to return to.

I'd say I'm 60% done with 1st.  This is somewhere around 35k words.  35k is not 60% of the final tale, I've just covered 60% of my outline.
It's kind of cheap, the way I'm writing.  Some of the locations are literally ____.  Some of the characters are currently named Manipulady, Backstabber, Dubious and Captain (and I'm going to kill them all).  Some of the descriptions are like "and it looked like the other Orcanes" or "She felt sad" or (my least favorite) "X did something that helped Y and Z escape and X died in the process and everyone thought Y died too because Z was rampaging around killing everyone."

I won't waste time talking about what the additional drafts will compose of because it will probably have changed by the time I get there.  But I have some ideas.  I learned a lot in my first year as a writer.  One thing I'd like to improve is distinguishable voices amongst multiple characters in the same book.  To accomplish this, I think I'll rewrite the entire thing first person (for each char with a POV) then convert back to 3rd.  I realize it's a lengthy process and I'll need discipline but if this is how I plan to eventually quit my day job, it's worth it.

If you've read this and it makes you want to discuss your writing process, feel free below.  Even if you want to put a link to your own blog where you can discuss it in more detail and font choices and bask it in the radiant glow of your blog's following, put it in a comment.  I'll come read it!



  1. WOW...switching POV's to flesh out character voices is a major undertaking. Kudo's!! :)

    1. Yea, and hopefully with this amount of practice, I can learn to accomplish a character's voice without the extra work on my next project.
      But currently I feel like when I write (3rd person) feelings or descriptions, it's ME writing it, not the character in question.

  2. Ha - David! I love the way you think! Writing the story from more than one perspective is something I have toyed with as well, but I just can't get over the time hurdle (gotta clock in at the day job!)

    I can't wait to read the finished product -- are you in need of a beta reader?

  3. Cheryl, I'd be thrilled to have a beta reader! I'm not very close to that point just yet but I will keep you in mind when I am!

  4. I've tried many different ways to write. I've come to the conclusion that outlining on a white board works best for me. Best of luck to you.

    1. I like the idea of outlining on a white board. (Partly because I like shows like Castle where they create a story out of mugshots and maps and evidence on 'whiteboards' and it all comes together)


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