Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 audio enema

Catchy title, eh?

Monday marked the first day I went to the gym in about 4 years.  I was stoked.  My favorite workout: chest and triceps.  On my phone I have about 2 GB of music (the same playlist I've been listening to forever).  I push play and head for the benchpress bench.
What to my wondering ears did appear but slow, tragic classical nonsense. (some soundtrack theme by Yasunori Mitsuda)  Don't get me wrong, it's perfect music for staring at rain through a hazy window or imagining the mindset of a person whose soul mate was torn from them abruptly... But it clashed with the idea of pumping iron.
Next song.
Apocalyptica - Cortege
Perfect song for mourning the loss of one's homeland and then wreaking bloody vengeance on those responsible.  But a little too chaotic for working out.
Surely there is a workout album somewhere in the playlist!
Next song.
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night soundtrack - Dance of Pales
And to answer your questions, 
Yes. I listen to video game soundtracks almost exclusively.  
Yes. I know it makes me a total nerd and 
No. I don't care.
Well clearly, this is no bench press song.  It dawned on me that my music needed a drastic overhaul.

That night I went home and gave my phone an audio enema.  Together, my wife and I have about 16 GBs of songs on my computer, not including the 8 GB of video game soundtracks.  Well I don't have a device that will accommodate that much music and until this point, I had been far too lazy to pick and choose which songs to take and which ones to leave behind.  But in the spirit of new beginnings, I decided to make the effort.

Yesterday, the first day of 2013, I walk into the gym.  I decided to get warmed up on the treadmill before my second favorite workout, back and biceps.
I push shuffle.
Project 86 - The Spy Hunter.
Oh. My. Glob.
Did you know a treadmill goes to 10 MPH?  I almost ate gym floor.
Next song.
 Rage Against the Machine - Know your Enemy
(For you Rage Newbies, give it a second... It kicks in)
Next song.
In Flames - Touch of Red

I found my new playlist not only to be more gym-appropriate, but also more motivating in general.

Hey David, what's your point?

Honestly, nothing really... It had been a long while since my last post.  I've been vacationing from pretty much everything except breathing and now I'm finally back to work again and felt the need to update.

But if I had to make a point, it's that this new playlist has almost made me feel like a different person.
If you're feeling stale where you are, I strongly suggest a drastic change to your everyday song collection.  It did wonders for me.  I went home and cleaned / purged / reorganized my entire office, giving me more space and sunlight in there.

Not sure how to end this one so... high-five?

*David high-five's you*


  1. Making us laugh is a good enough point as far as I'm concerned. :)
    Happy New Year!

    1. Well entertainment is my sole intent! Happy New Year to you, too!

  2. You've given me motivation to put on some music.

    1. Good! I think everyone should listen to more music. Music + gym is therapy for me.

  3. Hey Tom

    I am your newest follower
    Interesting story of your christmas.
    I like Yasunori Mitsuda too

    Anyway, are you interested of making new blog friends?
    I was kinda maybe hopin’ that you’d pop on by and follow me back!
    Happy new year and high five! :)


    1. Hey Sarah!
      I'm all about new friends! Thanks for the high five.
      You can call me David. All my friends do. The only people that call me Tom are ... Wait, actually no one calls me Tom... And how did you know my Christmas story?
      A spy! You're a spy!! Arghhhhh!

      But seriously; You dig Yasunori so I'm checking out your blog now.

    2. Okay David it is then..
      I'm not a spy. I read your blog before I wrote a comment LOL
      And I'm asian also I know Yasunori too
      Haha seriously you so funny ah
      Folle me back! hahaha :p


  4. Songs are wicked inspirational for me, too--both in writing and in life. I find they transport me to different places better than anything else--except smells, of course. Smells really do it for me. :)

    1. Very interesting observation. I am a digger of smells as well. I used to visit my grandmother in Mississippi for Christmas. She lived next to a large plant called Hercules. I have no idea what was produced there but it always had a distinct smell... not good, not bad, just its own. We knew the 8 hour car ride was almost over when we smelled it coming.

  5. Yeah, you need the right music for the moment. I have playlists entitled "cooking" "cleaning" "work out" and "dinner." I love making playlists.

    1. Right you are. What I need desperately is a higher capacity micro SD card for my phone. Then I could fit all the music and make my own playlist... Starting with "cooking" "cleaning" and "breakfast" then moving on to the more complicated ones: "Changing Simon's dirty diaper", "Mommy and Daddy time", etc.


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