Monday, December 10, 2012

Write Club 2012!

 First of all, congratulations to Mark Hough for winning this contest!

DL Hammons' WRiTE Club 2012 was the first writing contest I've ever entered.  Since this contest was judged by fellow bloggers and otherwise total strangers, this was the first time my writing was set before people with nothing to lose for being brutally honest.  I didn't exactly have highest hopes but I did like my story and it ended up surviving for a few rounds at least.
My name in the contest was Sedney of the Castonod (the name of a sailor and his ship, from an excerpt that did not make the final cut of Darke and the Parandrus).  The story came from an idea of cemeteries, and their unique fascination.  I wanted to create a cemetery that "houses the dead, but not the fondly remembered."

As my story won a couple of rounds, I realized there may be the need for an additional short story.  So I wrote this one.  It started as an idea of abandoned warehouses... I'm not really sure why.  This story has never seen the light of day.  If it had - and depending on how far it had gone - I planned to give it life.  Since it did not, it has been shoved to a dark corner of the warehouse that is my mind.  Maybe someday it will have life. Otherwise it will stagnate, like a mannequin buried beneath the dust of decades, grouped tightly with its fellows behind a broken display shelf in a clothing store time forgot.
(I'm listening to Apocalyptica, thus the gloomy tone)

[This story has been removed to remain anonymous.  You MIGHT find it (posted anonymously of course) at Write Club 2013!]


  1. David, I have to say I really wish the Barkers had made it further--they had my votes while they were still in...and I loved the creepiness of the cemetery--such a strong setting, and your language was masterful.
    But thanks for sharing this here! Very nice get so much story across in so few words, without losing any beauty of language, and that's awfully impressive.
    I'm glad to discover Sedney's true identity so I can keep track of your successes, which I'm sure will be many.

    1. Thank you, that's very nice of you! This story and my first started off at around 750 words before I broke out the figurative hammer and chisel. It's crazy how much stronger a story gets by simply deleting, rather than adding!
      Thanks for your support! In a time when a good bit of my inbox is made up of form rejections, this is a ray of sunlight.

  2. Hey David, I am so glad I found your blog! I started reading one excerpt and then I ended up reading your goblin story and your post about the raft. Man! you have just the right personality for a writer! I wasn't really that surprised when I found out you were Sidney--the Barkers was on my "keep an eye on that one" list. I will be following your blog now and holding you accountable if you don't keep writing and submitting to agents and editors.
    Thank you for the kind comments and I'd love see more excerpts and query synopsis someday.

    1. Thanks, Mark and I hope you're right about my personality! I will certainly try not to disappoint with my ramblings here! I'm following your blog as well.

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  4. Don't be mad! I removed comments for the sake of anonymity!!!


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