Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WRiTE Club 2012 shout out!

This post is to again highlight WRiTE Club 2012!

Details are here!  (Including how to sign up and vote)

The latest entry is here!  (Posted Mon, Wed, and Fri) This link is to DL Hammons' blogspot and all contests aside, his posts are goodhearted, insightful and entertaining.  In other words, you can't go wrong clicking that link.

This contest is coming to the end of the preliminary match ups and will soon move to the playoffs.  The exciting thing about this contest is that

A)  All entries are anonymous!  Therefore entries have to stand on their own two legs, not the previous works of an individual!  This goes a long way to eliminate the possibility of dishonest voting, biased voting, "friend" voting, etc.  And as such, the comments / reviews / critiques are occasionally quite honest!! (I've tried to hold back for the most part)  I list that as a GOOD thing because honesty doesn't come easily when a friend says, "What do you think of my story?"
Even if you ask your worst enemy to be brutal and hurt your feelings, his opinion of YOU will probably be more evident in his response than his opinion of your story!

B) Each bout is judged, not by a panel of mysterious, faceless, busy editors or agents or some high and mighty know-it-all... But by me and you and fellow writers and readers!  This is truly a rare chance for us writers!  I get the feeling that some people who've never entered a contest have entered this one (like myself) and WE owe it to them to tell them honestly how they've done!  In other words, very little effort on your part could make a huge difference in their writing future.

Please take the time to check out these entries and vote!  There are around 8 more prelims before the "tried and true" stories return to take it to another level!

It would take only a few minutes each Mon, Wed, Fri to have a look then comment and say "I vote XX" and be done.  (Unless you have suggestions, critiques or gripes to offer in which case, please do!)

Thanks mucho!

Now, back to editing for me.