Friday, June 29, 2012

I don't suffer from OCD

Here's what I do before writing / editing:
Research and compile and organize a ton of material from which to pull.  I'm only realizing I do this as of today.  My first draft is complete and I should be editing this very moment.  But first I researched (videos, blogs, forums, opinions, etc.) and made a very structured list of how I will approach edits.

Grammar is the least of my concerns right now.

First will be more polished 3rd person POVs and I plan to include all four protagonists and the antagonist.  I want each POV to be so unique that you know what character is doing the thinking / acting / talking without me telling you.

Second will be identifying unnecessary Adverbs and Adjectives and instead picking more effective nouns and verbs.

Third will be checking grammar... Among other things, this includes saying aloud each sentence of the entire book and if a sentence sounds awkward, fixing it.  Also the structure of paragraphs... especially regarding dialogue.

Finally will be catch-all... Some chapters are 12 pages long... some are longer.. some are 2 pages.  This in itself may not necessarily be a problem, but I would prefer some consistency.

After I've done this (and effectively gotten the book as far as I can get it)  I will put it in the hands of no less than 2 (but preferably 3)  alpha readers.  (would they be beta readers at this point??)  Then I will take into consideration what they say and go from there.
 It's like Stephen King said, (and I paraphrase): Having only one test reader is useless.  If one person's opinion is against a detail in my book, it's theirs vs. mine and obviously mine is more important. Therefore, have two or more and look for similarities in critiques.

That is all.

Time to stop procrastinating.

Feel free to ask why I chose that particular blog title.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This just in!

I strive to attract writers and readers with my blog.. For this I must offer something in return.

Therefore, behold!

Brandon Sanderson's Lectures

These are videos of (fantasy / scifi) writing classes taught by author Brandon Sanderson.  If you haven't heard of him, look him up... Or don't, it doesn't matter.  Watch 5 minutes of one of these videos and you will see that he has tons to say on all manner of topics to do with writing!

This is easily the single most useful resource I have found.

As far as community, information and feedback, check out (follow link to forum)

The more resources I become aware of, the more I will let you know!

(ADVISORY: you may begin watching these videos and simply not want to stop... that started for me two days ago.  I'll let you know when I'm done.)

Nearing Completion... ?

I've come to the end of the first draft of my first manuscript.  I've got an alpha reader (I think that's what they're called) and he has given me brilliant ideas as far as revisions.  In fact, I think the book may under-go a total make-over.
I'm excited and yet afraid.  Soon I will need to begin the process of stalking publishers, editors, agents and developing a query, not to mention a sales pitch... Also I want to polish off my website - get it into some kind of working order so that interested readers can have a place to view some of what exists in Silexare.

All of these things are now competing for my attention and I must say the combination of fear and anticipation is somewhat volatile in my guts... Even at this moment.

So, to my vast audience (who currently consists of only future-me), wish me well and I will return soon... I've made it a goal to spend no more that half a Silexari week away from this blog at a time.

Until then, here's to productivity!