Monday, March 5, 2012

The refresh button

Yesterday I went deep into the woods surrounding the Broad River in northeast Georgia.  I took my son Donavon, my brother Evan and my dog Jax.  We hiked and explored, built shelters and fires and ate hotdogs and ramen noodles.
We rarely follow paths... not man made paths anyway.  Usually I aspire to find the most dense and unaltered forests (which is tricky in this area) and just get lost.  Despite that it was cold and windy, Jax took every opportunity he could to jump in the swollen river and bite at passing sticks and leaves.
I need these escapes occasionally... not just to break the monotony of daily routine but to ignite creativity.  There's no limit to the inspiration that comes from nature.
I strongly suggest this to anyone seeking to unwind... given that you aren't afraid of getting lost or getting scratched by briars or getting bitten by ticks or tumbling down hills or dirtying up your clothes.

Friday, March 2, 2012

New worlds

I am one hundred percent new to blogging.  This is partly because I've never felt I had anything worthy of being heard to say and partly because it has no immediate return on investment for me. (I am a simple person)
However, with the rise of social networks, let's face it; we're all bloggers to some degree, albeit some more detailed than others.
My main motivation to blog (I really do hate that word... and twit... seriously) is to post news and status updates of my writing.  I am currently in the wild throes of writing my first fantasy novel (based in a new and as yet unheard of world) and it is a learning experience to say the least.  I am hesitant to write anything specific, including words, names, events, histories, etc. so therefore, I'm not very sure exactly what it is I will write... I guess only time can tell.
As I log more, you may notice a subtle (and by subtle I mean extreme) inconsistency in my writing style.  To be clear, this happens as my mood shifts and flares... In my finished work, I have means of solidifying a style and I intend to administer said means effectively.

So, concerning my current project...

So far it is a tale of several fellows who set out from their homeland to search for a ___.  Actually so far it is a story of a young man who seeks to save his family's business and possibly gain some sort of acceptance from his mildly disappointed father...  Actually so far it is just some guys wandering around in the woods.  I have had to take a break in the actual writing, however, to learn everything I can about alchemy.  When I tell this to people and they ask me, "What is alchemy?" I find that my wildly uneducated response has changed depressingly little despite the hours and days of research I've put into the subject.  This is mainly because alchemy, for its purposes in the book, will have its own definition, history and uses; all based loosely on my studies of alchemy's true, shady history.
That said, after compiling all my notes down from over a hundred pages to a single MS excel document (an annoying habit I have) I think I'm ready to continue writing.

We shall see.

Please note: I have never aspired to be a great author... only to create.  The ability to tell stories began as a child when I discovered that fiction was far less incriminating than fact.